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Inspection in China
PRO QC International.
Inspection Procedure

If no any particular inspection requirement, our inspector will refer to the usual checking points and perform a carton check. Some testing may be implemented as following without specified:
Product Check
For the electrical appliance, the safety is the first guarantee, safety tests must be carried out during the inspection.
Do the shape, appearance and color correspond to the description and/or to the reference samples?

Is the product function normal? Some functional tests may be carried out visually and manually on the spot.


Does it correspond to the reference sample? Are the numbers of detected defective samples within the required acceptance limit (AQL)?

Are the components of the item (e.g. telephone sets, radio cassette recorders, hair dryers, etc.) well assembled, without missing screws, surface scratches, loose interior parts, etc.?
Are the machine or apparatus function proper and easy after manipulating it repeatedly?

Are all accessories in the individual packing unit (connection cables, micro-phones, instruction manual, earphones, etc...)?


Do the labeling and printing correspond to the content? Is each individual item provided with a label/sticker reference? Does color, size, quantity of the item correspond with the labeling or printing on the packing?


Is the merchandise suitably packed, according to specification?
Does the content correspond to the packing list (e.g. a specific color and/or size assortment per case/carton/bag)?
Do the marks or symbols meet specification?
If neutral packing is required, no undesired marks or reference appeared, such as manufacturers'/suppliers'/shippers' names or symbols, and the country of origin etc.

Carton Check
Even though the goods are well manufactured without any defects, they may be damaged if the cartons are not strong enough for the long transportation. So, cartons check will be implemented during inspection as the client’s required, the details are as follows:
1.   The structure of export carton are adequate to hold
2.   Contain in weight and size
3.   Cartons dry and stored in dry conditions
4.   Cartons properly closed and secured
5.   Drop test may be carried out for 1-3 export cartons according to different products and client’s requirement under the supplier permit.
Export cartons dropped down from a designated height to the floor.

On the bottom corner
On the adjacent long bottom edge near the corner
On the adjacent short bottom edge near the corner
On the adjacent vertical edge near the corner
On the long side surface
On the short side surface
On the bottom surface

Any problem encountered during the carton check will be reported in the report as a special attention.
You can therefore make the appropriate decision on the basis of the information we will report you.