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Inspection in China
PRO QC International.

Guarantee Clauses

When using Successide quality control services, if payment to supplier by Letter of Credit (L/C), for the guarantee the client might use the Protection Clauses included in the L/C, the supplier will not get any payment without satisfying a level of quality verified by Successide.


The Inspection Certificate will be issued by us only under the client's approval.
The certificate will be issued & delivered to the supplier only while the client (buyer) has expressed his satisfaction about the products level of quality clearly detailed in the Inspection Report. The supplier can then present the Certificate to the bank and get the payment.

If the client (buyer) will not satisfy with the level of quality, Successide will not issue the inspection certificate and the client (buyer) can make appropriate commercial decision with the guarantee that supplier will not get the payment before a solution is found.

The protection clauses in the Letter of Credit may state as following:
“The Inspection Certificate from Success Side (HK-KY) Co. is only certifying that goods have been inspected and conformed to the contractual specifications and/or approval sample."

Following statement may also be included in the Purchase Order:
"The inspection certificate from Success Side (HK-KY) Co. does not release the manufacturer from his contractual liabilities and responsibilities for his products."

Of course, the Certificate does not reduce the buyer's right to claim for any other compensation in case of shipping problems or hidden defects.

SUCCESSIDE's Certificates and Reports may contain the following statement:
"This document does not evidence shipment. It reflects our findings at the time and place of inspection. It does not relieve the suppliers from their contractual responsibilities with regard to quality and quantity nor does it prejudice the buyer's right to claim against suppliers for compensation for any apparent and/or hidden defects not detected during random inspection or occurring thereafter."