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Inspection in China
PRO QC International.

Inspection Service

Inspection Service
In order to ensure that your shipment is in accordance to contractual specifications, we provide several inspection services in different production stages to help you to minimize the risk of getting defective or wrong product. These inspections are carried out at the manufacturers' facilities to check the quality, quantity, packaging and labeling conform to your specification and established approval samples. During the inspection, some samples are selected from a given lot and examined. The information resulting from this quality inspection can be used to determine the exact source of imperfection, if any, in term of AQL and the exact area where the defective merchandise exists.

Initial Product Inspection (IPI)
Materials, components and the first finished units are checked against your specification and established approval samples. Any discrepancy will be immediately reported to you and the necessary corrective action would be made at the production site.


During Production Inspection (DPI)
We will verify that the corrections and improvements suggested during the IPI have been implemented. If requested, the existing production will be inspected to give further corrective action. In general, we will provide you with a complete DPI Report.

Final Random Inspection (FRI)
When the merchandise is 80% or above produced, packed and ready for shipment, samples will be randomly selected based on the Sampling Plan.  Inspection will be made on quality, quantity, packaging and labeling conformed to your specification and approved sample.


If the number of defects found is within the specified Acceptance Quality Levels (AQL), the shipment is rated as PASSED and a FRI Report will be issued to enable the manufacturer to ship subjected to your final instruction.

In case the result exceeds the specified AQL, the shipment is rated as REJECTED and a FRI Report will be issued,following action may be taken :
1) To verify that the action taken by the manufacturer is appropriate in correcting and reworking on the lot of product as suggested.
2) Or you may have to make a commercial decision on the information you received in the FRI Report.