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Inspection in China
PRO QC International.
Inspection Service
Measurement & Testing In order to ensure that your shipment is in accordance to contractual specifications, we provide several inspection services in different production stages to help you to minimize the risk of getting defective or wrong product.
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Manufactory Audit
Factory Audits As according to client's requirement we will verify the general state (workers number, main equipments etc.) & the quality system of the manufactory, it will help the client know the general information
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Container Loading Check
Product Inspections It is carried out in the manufacturer's warehouse or at the forwarder's premises. The inspector first checks the quality and quantity of the goods to be shipped, making sure that the right products will be delivered.
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Other Trading Support
Corrective Action Other than quality inspection / factory audit, SUCCESSSIDE also provides OTHER TRADING SUPPORT service as client’s requirement .The service rate will depend on the service content.
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